Microblading in Orlando

If you are looking for a tranquil day spa that offers expert microblading services, look no further than Ipanema Brows And Waxing. Our team of trained estheticians will craft you the most perfect and natural-looking eyebrows, and we’ll do it for an attractive rate. Request our services by calling (407) 270-9102 today. 


The Perfect Eyebrow Blading Experience Awaits You

When the people of Orlando want low-maintenance eyebrows that look great, they come to us. They know that our spa and its wonderful staff will welcome them with open arms. They know that they can recommend us without disappointing a friend, and they know they’ll receive an amazing 10% referral discount in the process too.

Picture-perfect eyebrows might be our specialty, but it is the way we pamper our clients that really makes us stand out. Come to our spa and experience it for yourself today!

Our Day Spa Guarantees Realistic and Stunning Results

We began providing beauty services in Brazil in 2011. Since then we have learned how to use the tools of microblading (the digital pen and the micro-needles) with the utmost precision. The hair strokes we create are drawn individually, ensuring every lash of hair given looks as natural as possible. Our delicate touch ensures that your blading experience will be as comfortable as possible.

Individual microblading sessions at our spa take as little as 2 to 3 hours. Our experience and commitment to customer satisfaction are what makes these sessions take so little time out of your day.

Save Money with Our Eyebrow Microblading Service Today

First-time visitors to our spa receive a 10% discount. What’s more, monthly services come with a 15% discount! These are just a few of the ways we show appreciation for our wonderful clients.

Get a Friend a Gift Card for Our Microblading Service

Surprise someone you love with a Ipanema Brows And Waxing gift card. With our gift packages, the sky is the limit. You could buy one for a microblading session, threading, or even a Brazilian wax.

How Much Do Semi-Permanent Eyebrows Cost?

Are you curious what these excellent eyebrow services might cost?

Our “handmade” approach to natural-looking eyebrows includes 2 procedures: one first-time session, and one touch-up after 25 days. These services cost $350.00. Eyebrow touchups, on the other hand, only cost $150.00.

Microblading Touch-Up: Easy to Schedule Services 

Unlike eyebrow tattooing, microblading does not promise permanent results. Your eyebrows will have to be touched up every 2 to 5 years depending on your individual needs and the pigments applied to your skin.

Microblading with Many Payment Options

We want everyone to enjoy our services. That’s why we give our clients the option to pay in multiple installments. Having stunning eyebrows is far more accessible than you imagined.

Visit Our Day Spa for the Services, Stay for the Atmosphere

To book a microblading session, please feel welcome to contact us at (407) 270-9102. With our flexible scheduling options, we’ll be sure to find you a suitable time for a session.