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Ipanema Brazilian Waxing

Our signature Ipanema Brazilian waxing involves removing ALL hairs from back and front intimate areas. We use hard avocato wax warmed to a comfortable temperature.

  • First Time: - $45 for women - $65 for men
  • Maintenance (up to 4 weeks): - $39 for women – $60 for men

*If trimming is necessary a $5 fee will be applied.

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Benefits from getting your Ipanema Brazilian waxing:

  • - With our Premium Italian Wax, the Brazilian waxing can be done very fast, effective and with reduced pain.
  • - Brazilian waxing insures the smooth, sexy, clean and hair-free intimate area for a longer time (3 weeks).
  • - Ipanema Brazilian waxing (after several times) makes your hairs softer, thinner and sparser.
  • - Properly used the Brazilian waxing does not cause any itching, irritation, redness and/or ingrow.
  • - Brazilian waxing can be used for a large intimate area at once as well you can have different styles.
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